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CMC Cyber Security is a member company of CMC Group - Top 2 Technology Group in Vietnam. CMC Cyber Security is proud to be built from a team of highly qualified experts and gain many international qualifications with the goal of becoming a strategic unit of the Group in the field of software research and development and translation. Information security services.

High-tech expert team

Our team of security experts not only have internationally recognized qualifications and qualifications, but also have extensive experience in deploying and responding to information security incidents at home and abroad.

Quality product reputation

All products and services provided by CMC Cyber Security are strictly verified with international standards and supported by security experts from reputable organizations.

Professional incident response service

Fast, accurate and professional incident incident response service in 30 minutes, response and plan solutions in less than 24 hours.

Specialized customer service

We always understand the psychology of each customer to get appropriate, specialized and networked care services to give customers the best experience when using CMC Cyber Security products and services.

Competencies and awards

2009 : Qualified for antivirus software of the Ministry of Defense VISL
In 2010: Became a Member of ICSA Lab International Computer Security Alliance
In 2010: Became the only Vietnamese Member of Asian Association of Malware Researchers (AVAR)
Year 2014: Becoming a strategic partner providing malware prevention solutions to the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam
In 2015: Honored to host AVAR 2015, the first international information security event to be held in Vietnam
In 2016: Frost & Sullivan voted "Typical Asia-Pacific security enterprise"
In 2017: Security services of CMC Cyber Securiry were awarded Sao Khue 2017
2018: Awarded High Quality Security Products, Typical Security Services and Excellent New Security Products 2018 by VNISA

Security certificates

Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCIQSA)
Offensive Security Certificated Professional (OSCP)
Certified Information Security (CIS)
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

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