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5 sản phẩm, dịch vụ của CMC Cyber Security đạt danh hiệu “Chìa khóa vàng 2020”
.18 Nov

5 products and services of CMC Cyber Security awarded the title "Golden Key 2020"

In the morning of November 18, 2020, in Hanoi, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) held a ceremony to announce and award the title "Golden Key 2020". In which, CMC Cyber Security Company has 5 products and services that won awards in three categories.
  1. CMDD Centralized Administration and Malware Prevention Solution
  2. CMC information security surveillance and defense solution
  3. CMC web application firewall 
  4. CMC penetration test assessment service
  5. CMC Information Security Surveillance Service

5 products and services of CMC Cyber Security awarded the title "Golden Key 2020"

Specifically, the products. CMC Cyber Security Company's services won the title of "Golden Key", including: Anti-Malware Solution and Centralized Administration CMDD, CMC Information Security Defense and Monitoring Solution won the title of "Key gold "2020 for excellent high quality information security products; CMC web application firewall won the title of "Golden Key" 2020 for excellent prospects of information security products; CMC intrusion testing service and CMC Information Security Surveillance Service won the title of "Golden Key" 2020 for typical information security services

The program of voting for the title "Golden Key" 2020 continues and replaces the program of voting for high quality, typical information security products and services from 2015 of VNISA in coordination with the Department of Information Security. Information under the Ministry of Information and Communication organization.

Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security shared

At the ceremony, representatives of enterprises with many award winning products and services, Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security, said: “Number of units and quantity of make-in products and services Vietnam is both higher than last year. This proves that our industry is thriving and that more and more new companies are appearing on the market. This also motivates long-time companies in the market to constantly renew themselves, develop new technologies, invest more in a team of experts to compete, and improve the industry average.

In addition, the assessment is also stricter and stricter, closer to international standards, which will help companies who make products to pay more attention to the output quality of products. service by itself, narrowing the quality gap of Vietnamese products with international ones.

CMC received the award at "Golden Key Award Ceremony 2020"

In particular, this award will definitely contribute significantly in the communication, product and service business. Customers, the market will also have an additional yardstick, a criterion for selecting domestic products that suit their investment needs. ”

This is an annual activity within the framework of VNISA's Vietnam Information Security Day event starting in 2020. The program aims to honor Vietnamese security companies who have made many efforts, step by step affirming their advantages. quality and the ability to meet the market of ATTT products and services Make in Vietnam.

This year, according to the Organizing Committee, there are 56 products from 18 participating enterprises, the number of products increased over last year by 87%. This is a good sign, product quality has also improved over the previous year. Through the program, it will contribute to promoting the image of domestic products and services, creating confidence for users, thereby expanding the market for businesses.

The program of voting for the title "Golden Key" has the participants of which are products and services to ensure information safety and IT products and applications with safety and security features by enterprises and organizations. Vietnam owns, owns technology, is capable of mass production, has been commercialized or supplied to the market. The categories of votes are specific for excellent and outstanding products and services, which are evaluated to meet the prescribed criteria.

Notably, this year CMC Cyber Security Company has added a new solution "CMC Web Application Firewall" awarded the title of "Golden Key" 2020 for excellent prospects of information security products. The CMC Web Application Firewall (C-WAF) solution is part of the information security suite provided by CMC CS to the organization's website applications with a layer of firewall that protects the websites. APIs before attacks and threats are known or never before with powerful ruleset tools that incorporate AI to enhance performance.

As it works, C-WAF provides continuous protection for website and applications that use network traffic analysis and only allow valid access requests through. This product is a type of security assurance for website system and API.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung emphasized that the awarding of the title "Golden Key" 2020 to the above products and services has affirmed the quality and superiority. and effectiveness of products and services owned by Vietnamese organizations and enterprises in terms of technology. This is an activity in response to the national digital transformation program and the Government's "Make in Vietnam" strategy.

In addition, the organization of voting and recognition of the title "Golden Key" also contributes to support advertising activities, trade promotion, enhancing competitiveness and expanding the market. The results of the voting programs are also an important information channel for state management agencies to have a clearer view of the market for food safety products and services and to offer incentive and supportive policies for businesses. Vietnam appropriately

The voting council for the title "Golden Key" for High Quality Information Security Products and Services 2020 was also established, including 21 members who are leading managers and experts in information security. of Vietnam. The Chairman of the Council is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, President of VNISA.

CMC Information Security Company Limited (CMC Cyber Security) was established in 2008 with the mission of developing information security products and services for individual and business customers, and anti-code solutions. information security services. With a staff of 70 people, bringing together more than 45 leading IT and security engineers, a team of engineers and experts with international degrees and certificates in security such as PCI QSA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, CEH ... and experienced in handling many major information security incidents in Vietnam, 100% of products and solutions provided to the market by CMC Cyber Security are self-researched and distributed by Vietnamese people. is flexible and suitable to the needs of many types of customers from the Government, finance, businesses to individual users. CMC Cyber Security is currently the only Vietnamese member of the Asian Association of Malware Researchers (AVAR) and the International Computer Security Alliance (ICSA), all of CMC Cyber Secyrity products and services. The services are strictly accredited to international standards and are supported by security experts from these reputable organizations.

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