Author: tungcmc

19 Sep

On the morning of September 17, more than 50 guests from Red Star Club and Hanoi Young Business Association attended the Digital Transformation Workshop with the theme "CxO Panel: How CMC is driving Digital Business Transformation", taking place at the building. CMC, Hanoi.

Opening the event, Chairman / CEO of CMC Nguyen Trung Chinh affirmed that, as one of the leading units and with many studies on digital transformation, CMC wishes to share the solutions that CMC has to membership, contributing to accelerate the process of digital transformation in businesses. Sharing the same view with Mr. Chinh, Red Star Club Chairman Nguyen Canh Hong hopes that the information from the seminar will help businesses to have a suitable transition to sustainable development.

From CMC Cyber Security, there was the participation of Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director. At the seminar, Mr. Phuong also presented and introduced about products and services in the field of information security to help the guests better understand the capabilities of the company.

After the seminar, members of the Red Star Club and the Hanoi Young Business Association visited a complex of CMC technology infrastructures, including the Center for Information Security Management, Data Center and Research Institute of Technology Application.

Red Star Club was established in 2003 with the goal of bringing together Red Star Award-winning Entrepreneurs to support each other in business activities. Since then, creating solid economic models, capable of undertaking major State projects.