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CMC Cyber Security có thêm kỹ sư đạt chứng chỉ bảo mật thế giới OSCP
.27 Jul

CMC Cyber Security has more engineers with world security certificates OSCP

Recently, CMC Cyber Security Company has just added an Offensive Security Certified Professional - OSCP engineer. This is one of the most prestigious information security assessment certificates in the world.

OSCP is a certification program that focuses on security testing and attack skills. It consists of 2 parts: a 24-hour pentest test. Test results must then be written into a report in English, assessed within 7 days before the results are officially released.

The OSCP certification is in the top 5 of desirable penetration and testing certificates for security professionals and is one of the more demanding practice exams. At the exam, engineers must demonstrate the ability to research the network system, detect security gaps or weaknesses in the application system, thereby helping experts assess the level of risk as well as build building response and troubleshooting methods. It can be said that the most important assessment in the exam is sharp thinking and execution skills under great pressure.

Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security Company said: “In order to provide security assessment services of international standards, the company always focuses on enhancing the level and capacity of engineers. At the same time, CMC Cyber Security also always encourages and supports engineers to participate in competitions to gain the world's most prestigious and valuable certificates ".

CMC Cyber Security is a unit with more than 10 years of experience in providing professional information security assessment services with many projects for large customers, the company's engineers achieve OSCP certification. practical complement to the quality of critical information systems assessment at both the national and international level.

This is also the clearest proof of the capacity and qualifications of the team of information security engineers of CMC Cyber Security, helping customers feel more secure about the quality of information security assessment services that the company is doing. provided.

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