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CMC Cyber Security giúp Finhay bảo vệ  thông tin và tài sản người dùng an toàn tuyệt đối
.26 Aug

CMC Cyber Security helps Finhay protect users' information and property completely safe

Recently, CMC Cyber Security has just implemented security assessment, product quality testing, ensure the safety of Finhay's technology products from cyber attacks.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been happening at a fast speed, creating obvious changes in the fields of banking, investment - accumulation. This change has led to a change in the governance model, management structure, and products and services in banks, while strengthening risk management, ensuring network security and information protection. information of customers.

Before that fact, CMC Cyber Security has consulted and supported security testing for products on Finhay's website and applications on mobile device platforms. Specifically, CMC CS experts have evaluated the level of information security by testing penetration of technology products in order to find vulnerabilities and advise solutions to their partners. In addition, CMC also advised Finhay on solutions for monitoring, early warning, controlling the disclosure of sensitive data to the Internet, thereby continuously improving internal data defense and protection plans. better.

Through this cooperation, CMC Cyber Security helps users of Finhay high-tech products feel secure in transactions without worrying about their financial risks in cyberspace. Since then, supporting Finhay to provide reliable products, which are certified as safe products from a cyberattack for investors to make more profits.

Finhay is the leading smart application in Vietnam for small and medium investment - accumulation. With diversified and innovative personal finance products on digital platforms, financial transparency and a strong technology platform, Finhay helps users flexibly accumulate and invest from small sources of capital to create property and future protection.

CMC Cyber Security is a member company of CMC Group - Top 2 technology corporation in Vietnam. CMC Cyber Security is proud to be built from a team of qualified experts with many international degrees with the goal of becoming a strategic unit of the Group in the field of research and development of software and services. safety information.

We provide personal anti-virus products and services to assess, monitor security of information, build SOC, consult information security solutions for organizations / enterprises. The company always wants to bring to customers, individuals, businesses and organizations in all fields, truly effective security solutions with reasonable prices and the most professional service quality.




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