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.02 Apr

CMC Cyber Security expands distribution agent system

Currently, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 along with the strong development of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and biotechnology, will form many fields operating in cyberspace such as : "Industrial Internet", "Smart Factory", "Smart City", "E-Government", Internet of Things (IoT), ...

Facing the development trend of the digital economy and challenges in the field of Information Security, CMC CS has brought to the market many useful security products / solutions for users and businesses. as: Anti-virus software (CMC IS), Anti-malware solution and centralized administration (CMDD), Website protection firewall solution (WAF), Anti-malware and encryption data (CryptoSHIELD), ... ..

With the strategic direction, building and developing a network of Security Products / Solution Distribution channels covering the whole country and exporting to foreign countries, our company (CMC CS) would like to invite your cooperation. Customers / Partners for the same "Success sharing and Sustainable Cooperation with CMC CS".

  • Form of cooperation: Distributor / Agent / Collaborator Official Security Products / Solutions of CMC CS.
  • Participants:
    • All companies, organizations, shops, ...
    • All individuals, students, students….

For more information about the form of cooperation and entitlement to participate, please contact your Area Manager or at:

Hotline: 1900571244

Market MB - MT: Mr. Vuong: 0388 329 269

B2B market: Ms Son: 0909 545460

Website: cmccybersecurity.com

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