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CMC làm chủ 100% hệ sinh thái an toàn an ninh mạng
.03 Dec

CMC owns 100% of security ecosystem for network security

As a member of the Vietnam Alliance for the Development of Safe and Secure Product Ecosystems (ATANM), CMC Corporation is one of the first Vietnamese enterprises to own 100% of the ATANM ecosystem.

CMC Security Ecosystem

Coming to the exhibition space at the Workshop - International Exhibition of Information Security Day (ATTT) Vietnam 2020 with the theme: “Safety and cybersecurity Make in Vietnam - The key factor in national digital transformation ”, CMC Corporation made a mark with the CMC Security Ecosystem ecosystem booth and the message“ Securing your Digital Transformation ”to help protect the IT systems of agencies and organizations (border networks, intranets, equipment terminal, data, application and management policy) against cyber attacks with “Make in Vietnam” products / services. The booth and CMC Security Ecosystem ecosystem received great attention from attendees.

CMC làm chủ 100% hệ sinh thái an toàn an ninh mạng - Ảnh 1.

The booth and CMC Security Ecosystem ecosystem received great attention from attendees.

On the topic "Safety and security in the digital transformation process", Mr. Luong Tuan Thanh - Senior Vice President cum Technology Director of CMC Corporation presented a report on "Building Platforms. intelligent safety monitoring, network security for digital ecosystem ”.

Mr. Thanh stated the commitment of CMC Corporation to contribute to building ATANM Vietnam ecosystem: CMC Corporation will provide CMC Antivirus solution completely free of charge for organizations, business within 1 year from today. In addition, CMC wishes to expand cooperation with cybersecurity companies to share potential incidents and risks both at home and abroad.

Cloud computing platform "Make in Vietnam"

Also at the seminar, CMC Cloud of CMC Corporation was honored to be recognized as one of 5 "Make in Vietnam" cloud computing platforms that meet the technical criteria and criteria for e-government. e-government.

The cloud computing platform provided by CMC Technology Group meets the 1145 / BTTTT-CATTT set of criteria towards building e-Government with 153 criteria. The CMC Cloud platform has unlimited scalability and is currently serving up to 1.5 PB customers.

At the seminar "Vietnam secure cloud computing platform for digital transformation, Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy General Director of CMC Telecom shared about three difficulties that CMC Telecom as well as companies providing the platform. Cloud computing are all facing. That is a strict requirement on information security and security; localization problem to meet the requirements of quality of products and services, customer experience, especially information security; and human resource problem.

Participating in the seminar "Digital transformation in the field of socio-economic and safety issues, cybersecurity", Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security Ha The Phuong discussed the challenges of security in the digital transformation process of Vietnamese organizations, government agencies and enterprises.

Discussion issues revolve around how to ensure data security when businesses implement digitalization, risk management measures, quality control of outsourced service partners, and It was important that the seminar had the same point of view: “Ensuring security and security is a continuous, periodic and never-ending process. We must always have the right, reasonable and continuous investment to solve the ATANM problem ”.

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