Centralized anti-malware and administration (CMDD) solution

- Security solutions for businesses, integrated with AI artificial intelligence to help quickly detect and prevent all types of malicious code; easy to centralized and extended administration; establish your own ANAT policy.
- Internationally certified VB100 - One of the 3 most prestigious certificates in the world for quality of detecting and destroying malicious code.

Outstanding advantages

Centralized monitoring system: Centralized administration on the dashboard interface, providing a panoramic view of the information security status of each computer in the system.
Effectively prevent malicious code: Different from the traditional method of detecting malicious code based on signatures, CMDD uses an algorithm based on behavioral analysis mechanism, integrating AI and Machine Learning to improve detection and prevention efficiency, including malicious codes. have never been discovered before.
Large identification database: With over 10 million virus / malware samples and updated over 1000 new patterns every day.
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Intrusion prevention system prevents the risk of exploiting vulnerabilities with systems that have not been updated with operating system patches.
Policy setting: Set up an information security policy for the system including Internet usage policy, USB prohibition or monitoring policy, and software installation policy.
Meet the technical standards of the Ministry of Information and Communications.
Easy to use interface (Vietnamese / English), easy to manage.
Flexible installation on workstation / server / cloud.
Fast scanning speed / instant update / takes up less resources.
Mechanism of remote / on-site support for the organization.

Customer benefits

Manage and monitor the information security status of the system on the dashboard interface of CMDD.
Ensuring the safety of the system against malicious code, malicious attacks, including malicious codes that have never appeared.
Minimize economic damage, reputation of the company before the destructive effects of malicious code.
Professional incident response and response service, quickly provided by CMC Cyber Security.