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On December 14, 2017, CMC Technology Corporation officially opened the CMC SOC Network Security Operations Center.
The SOC is defined as a network security center that monitors, detects, quarantines, handles incidents and is responsible for security levels. safety of the entire organization's information system with surveillance frequency, operating 24/7.

Components of CMC SOC

Human: CMC SOC brings together leading experts in the field of information security with nearly 10 years of experience in practical rescue and troubleshooting.
Technology: CMC SOC's monitoring tools, analysis systems, and security devices are based on automation and artificial intelligence to monitor, analyze attacks, automate how to respond. Isolate and report the slightest abnormal signs targeting the data system.
Procedure: Operating procedures, reporting - troubleshooting processes and digital investigation procedures comply with information security policies strictly applied in accordance with international standards ISO 27035: 2009 and ISO 27001.

All technology solutions used in monitoring, detecting, analyzing, warning and archiving at CMC SOC network security management center are staffed by CMC SOC network security management center. develop and master.



CMC Security Monitoring Service

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Incident handling service

CMC Incident Response Service

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CMC Threat Hunting Service

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