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Đăng ký tham gia miễn phí AVAR 2020 Virtual
.19 Nov

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This year's AVAR 2020 Virtual will be held online. Conferences are held for the information security community.
This is the only forum where world-renowned security experts and researchers gather, exchange and share insights and solutions to prevent malware and cyber security attacks. .
The program will be livestreamed at 9:00 a.m. to December 4, 2020, Vietnam time. Everyone can join the livestream at any time and fast forward and review or pause the show easily.
Coming to the "AVAR 2020 Virtual" conference, attendees will have access to the latest trends in security with a variety of presentations. In addition, the program also creates opportunities to exchange, build relationships as well as ask questions and answers with leading experts in the field of security for event participants.
👉Event registration link and program details: https://aavar.org/avar2020/
🎯Topics will be covered in AVAR 2020 Virtual: https://aavar.org/avar2020/index.php/agenda/.
The Anti-Virus Asian Researchers Association is a non-governmental organization established in 1998 in Hong Kong. The association brings together more than 200 members including many leading researchers and enterprises in the field of Information Security around the world such as the US, Japan, China, UK, India ...
The Association's main mission is to connect international security researchers, create a common voice in research, prevent the spread of malware and help fight Security crimes. worldwide network.
Previously, CMC Cyber Security Company also hosted AVAR 2015 in Da Nang. This is an honor and a great joy for the company in particular and for the information security industry in Vietnam in general.

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