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CMC CryptoSHIELD data encryption prevention solution

Currently, hacker groups around the world are constantly using malicious data encryption code (Ransomware) to attack to sabotage, encrypt data and demand ransom from businesses and organizations. About 20%, after being detected by ransomware, were completely paralyzed. The emergency room has to stop operation, interrupted transport activities and many other incidents.

In 2017, Ransomware WannaCry caused damage of up to $ 4 billion. This malware also spread in Vietnam with more than 1900 computers being infected. The CMC CryptoSHIELD data encryption solution was born to help protect businesses, organizations against ransomware attacks, protect data integrity, and support customer troubleshooting quickly and professionally.

Benefits of customers

Safe from the risk of being encrypted, stolen data.
24/7 data protection.
Protect the company's assets and reputation.
Constantly updated with new ransomware models.
User friendly management interface.

Support services for monitoring and troubleshooting

- Weekly report on the situation of food safety on customers' systems
- Making corrective recommendations.
- Support data recovery, restore the status quo when something goes wrong.
- On-site commitment at the customer for 2 hours (during office hours, only internal
into Hanoi).
- Remote support switchboard:
 Tel: 1900 571 244 (during office hours t2-t6)

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