CMC CryptoSHIELD data encryption prevention solution

- Specialized security solution to prevent and protect Data and quickly troubleshoot against malicious code encrypting data.

- Detecting up to 95% of malicious code that have appeared in Vietnam.

- Can be integrated into the CMDD solution for centralized administration

Benefits of customers

Safe from the risk of being encrypted, stolen data.
24/7 data protection.
Protect the company's assets and reputation.
Constantly updated with new ransomware models.
User friendly management interface.
Light weight, takes up few resources

Support services for monitoring and troubleshooting

- Weekly report on the situation of food safety on customers' systems
- Making corrective recommendations.
- Support data recovery, restore the status quo when something goes wrong.
- On-site commitment at the customer for 2 hours (during office hours, only internal
into Hanoi).
- Remote support switchboard:
Tel: 1900 571 244 (during office hours t2-t6)
Email: [email protected]