CMC Security Monitoring Service

We are entering a period in which information technology has played a major role in the activities of organizations and businesses. Along with that, the threat of information security is growing, becoming a painful problem, threatening to leak information as well as disrupting the operation of the organization, causing damages. Great harm. Information Security Monitoring Service of CMC was born to protect the information systems of customers against cyber threats that are becoming more and more complex.

Information Security Monitoring service

Information Security Monitoring Service of CMC Cyber Security is provided by the CMC SOC Network Security Control Center. With the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technology and other advanced security solutions, CMC Cyber Security will ensure the network system and customer applications and services will be monitored, monitored, detected incidents with frequency of operation 24/7.

Outstanding advantages

Monitoring incidents 24x7x365.
Track, analyze and respond quickly and accurately to real-time system threats.
Detect new threats thanks to an ongoing database update mechanism for threats in the region and around the world.
Integrated artificial intelligence AI and Machine Learning help improve the ability to automatically monitor incidents.
Simple, easy integration with customers' information systems.

Customer benefits

Quickly detect threats, from which there are solutions to prevent and reduce risks.
Limiting false positives by using anomalous behavior detection mechanism that integrates AI and Machine Learning.
Reduce the investment costs for information security - no need to invest a large amount of money for personnel and security infrastructure, instead can use the services provided by leading experts in the industry.
Ensuring the security of the 24/7 information system against threats on the internet, including new and unknown threats.