CMC Incident Response Service

Information Security Monitoring Service of CMC Cyber Security is provided by CMC SOC Network Security Operations Center. With the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technology and other advanced security solutions, CMC Cyber Security will ensure the network system and customer applications and services will be monitored, supervised, detected and fixed with 24/7 operating frequency.

Outstanding advantages

Be ready to respond to incidents 24x7x365 with experts at the network security monitoring center CMC SOC.
The CMC Threat Intelligence platform strongly supports the detection and removal of threats.
In-depth analysis report of incidents by CMC Cyber Security incident investigation team.
Recommend upgrading, patching the system vulnerabilities after troubleshooting.
Develop a process to handle incident response according to the national standard TCVN 11239: 2015 ISO / IEC 27035: 2011

Customer benefits

Quickly prevent / troubleshoot information security incidents, minimize consequences when the system is attacked.
Minimize economic losses to the organization when it is attacked and disrupted.
Guaranteed on the security of 24/7 information systems.
Prompt and professional incident response service under CMC Cyber Security's commitment to provide services (SLA).