CMC Threat Hunting Service

The security industry in the world is in a fierce battle against cybercriminals with increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated forms of exploitation. However, according to recent studies, traditional security solutions can almost only identify known threats, while unknown threats are often difficult to identify. Therefore, the Threat Hunting service of CMC Cyber Security was launched to support traditional security solutions in identifying threats and proactively preventing them.

Active proactive threat hunting
(CMC Threat Hunting Service)

CMC Threat Hunting Service is a perfect combination of people - the leading experts in security and technology - AI, Machine Learning, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, bringing a new way to fight threats. cyberbullying.

Outstanding advantages

Threat Intelligence: 24/7 update new threats from many reputable malware prevention organizations, classifying threats according to customers' industries.
Vulnerability Assessment: scans threats, weaknesses, vulnerabilities that can be exploited from within the system in real time.
Use advanced technologies with leading industry experts with years of information security experience.
Research and follow up the activities of hacker groups around the world.
Integrating AI and Machine Learning to improve threat search.

Customer benefits

Get the latest information on the security situation of the system through the reports of CMC Cyber Security.
Be protected against information security threats, including complex threats that have never been detected.
Get advice, recommendations from leading experts in the field of security to optimize the system, minimize the possibility of attack.
Understand the methods and motives of the attackers, from which there is a strategy to defend against threats holistically.