CMC Threats Intelligence Services

The security industry in the world is in a fierce battle against cyber attacks that are increasing in number, speed and complexity. This reality requires a new approach to preventing cyber threats. According to recent studies, traditional security solutions can almost only identify known threats, while unknown threats are often difficult to identify. Therefore, the Threat Intelligence service of CMC Cyber Security was launched to provide a powerful source of data on cyber threats, giving businesses a comprehensive view of the information security situation in the region and In the world, at the same time, there are measures to prevent hazards early, helping to improve the efficiency and minimize the impact on business activities.

CMC Threat Intelligence Service

CMC Threat Intelligence acts as a huge database of cyber threats, constantly updated and optimized by a team of experts from CMC CYBER SECURITY to help the information security team of Customers can enrich (enrich) the source of data on threats (URLs, IPs, files) of the enterprise, thereby being able to proactively prevent the latest, complex threats, minimize images. affect the operation of the business.

Outstanding advantages

Threat Intelligence: 24/7 update new threats from many reputable malware prevention organizations, classifying threats according to customer field.
Analyzed, built by a leading industry expert with years of information security experience.
Research and monitor the activities of hacker groups around the world, providing relevant information to customers before the attacks take place.
Integrating AI and Machine Learning to improve threat search.

Customer benefits

Significantly reduce the response time to security incidents thanks to in-depth threat information collected before they occur.
Monitoring network attacks activities targeting customers' organizations.
Serving active threat hunting (Threat Hunting).
The rate of false positives (false positives) is reduced by combining data collected from external sources with internal analysis data.