Website firewall protection (WAF)

- Specialized security solution for website applications, integrated with AI artificial intelligence to help businesses quickly detect and protect against threats and zero day vulnerabilities.
- There is an accompanying service system to support customers in operating and handling problems.

Outstanding advantages

Protect 24/7 applications and websites against OWASP top 10 threats including Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection.
Application of AI and Machine Learning technology helps detect threats instantly.
Easy scaling due to being integrated on the cloud.
The dashboard interface easily manages firewall activity, network traffic.
Easily customize the rule sets (rules) for the firewall to suit the characteristics of customers.
Comply with PCI-DSS card data security standards for banks.
Easy to scale / customize due to being integrated in the cloud.
Flexible installation on the cloud of CMC or client's server.
There is an operation support service and troubleshooting.

Customer benefits

Application protection

CMC WAF protects the website against OWASP's top 10 threats including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection.
Application-layer DOS attack (layer 7): All incoming traffic is statistically continuous and if it exceeds the threshold - a sign of a DOS attack - all traffic will be checked for Verify it comes from humans.
Protect your website against application-layer DDoS attacks (layer 7): All incoming traffic is continuously statistics and if it exceeds the threshold will be checked to verify it is coming from humans.
HTTPS / SSL via WAF: Secure security of data transfer between administrators and users, using WAF SSL certificates (SSL Certificates).

- Powerful rule set, easy to customize

CMC CS continually researches and improves the detection and mitigation of threats from threats In addition, CMC WAF allows users to add their own custom rules or turn on / off rules. any availability.

- Real time Monitoring & Analysis

CMC WAF provides real-time insights on web traffic and security events.
● Geolocation
● Traffic in real time
● Analysis of security events

- Detect abnormal behavior using AI

Improve the ability to detect new threats and zero-day vulnerabilities by leveraging topic modeling technology supported by CMC SOC AI to detect abnormal application requirements and determine if they are a threat or not.

- CMC Threat Intelligence

- Threat Intelligence is a huge database of threats and weaknesses that can be exploited on cyberspace. CMC TI is researched, developed and constantly improved by CMC CS, constantly updating data from data sources purchased or self-researched by CMC CS.
- CMC TI is optimized by experts of CMC CS, reducing false positives, saving management time.