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.28 Jan


CMC Malware Detection and Defense (CMDD) security solution of CMC Cyber Security company has just been certified by Virus Bulletin (VB) - the world's leading malware assessment and ranking organization - certified VB100 with excellent test results.
VB100 is one of the most prestigious certificates in the world in the field of antivirus software testing. This is a standard certification of the quality (ability to capture and destroy malware) of anti-malware software globally.

CMC Chairman Nguyen Trung Chinh (right) introduced the CMDD solution at the event with Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung (second from right) and Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat (third from right) by).

To achieve this certificate, VB organization requires software participating in testing to detect over 99.5% viruses in the sample set and only mistakenly receive less than 0.01% of clean file set. Virus samples are collected by a panel of experts around the globe, they are identified as dangerous viruses with a wide spread (Virus In the Wild).
Mr. Vu Lam Bang, Director of CMDD Product Research and Development Center, CMC Cyber Security, shared: “Over the past time, we have focused on product improvement to ensure fast, light and effective. Achieving VB100 is a great acknowledgment of the research effort of the development team. CMDD itself is still the top choice for many years for key units, agencies and organizational units. With VB100 certificate, we will be more confident to step foot in the international market according to the Go Global strategic target of CMC Group ”.
CMC Malware Detection and Defense (CMDD) is a new generation IT system monitoring and protection solution for businesses and organizations and has been deployed for Government agencies, Security and Defense departments, and many localities. and Big Group in Vietnam.
CMDD helps monitor in real time the entire system status to each computer in the system, effectively prevents all types of malware, detects attacks and prevents intrusion, and allows the setting of policies. Safety information. As a strategic "Make in Vietnam" security solution of CMC, CMDD also allows connection and information sharing with the National Network Security Surveillance Center.

Test results of CMDD Source: virusbulletin.com

“In the coming time, we will continue to improve technology and develop more diversified features to better meet our role in protecting customers' information technology systems. ", Mr. Bang added.
Deputy Director of Information Security Department, Ministry of Information and Communications Nguyen Khac Lich said: “The fact that a product of detecting and preventing malware attacks in Vietnam achieves a prestigious international certificate with excellent results is a An important milestone, recording the Make in Vietnam strategy has initially had certain success ”.
The VB100 certificate was first introduced in 1998 by Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin Foundation performs independent testing of antivirus software globally. Virus Bulletin tests are widely recognized in the software industry. The tests focus on the antivirus software's ability to detect virus samples, scan speed, as well as its ability to prevent false positives.


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