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Phần mềm diệt virus miễn phí CMC Antivirus kỷ niệm 12 năm ra mắt
.28 Oct

CMC Antivirus free antivirus software celebrates the 12th anniversary of its launch

CMC Antivirus (CMC AV) is a completely free anti-virus software for individual users researched and developed by experts of CMC Cyber Security Company.
The product provides security and global control of the input and output data of the system and protects the computer from: Viruses, Spyware, Worm ... The ability to protect computers of CMC Antivirus is no less than Other famous Antivirus software you already know.
CMC Antivirus combines advanced technology to ensure you a total solution to protect your computer. CMC Cyber Security currently has main product lines: products for personal users free of charge (CMC Antivirus), products for personal users to pay (CMC Internet Security) and products for businesses. (CMC Malware Detection and Defense).
With products for individual users, CMC Antivirus provides security and global control of data in and out of the system while protecting your computer from: Viruses, Spyware, Worm, Ransomeware … By scanning files, e-mails, and web pages as you visit them.
👉Customers can go to the following link: https://cmccybersecurity.com/cmc-antivirus-free/ to download and install CMC ANTIVIRUS products.
🎯Currently, CMC Antivirus has a new updated version compared to the previous versions such as:
✅Interface changes.
✅Faster installation.
✅Scanning and processing speed for viruses is significantly increased while consuming less resources.
✅Enhance the thorough handling of malicious processes running on the system.
✅Eliminate the risk of malware infection from USB.
✅Detect and retrieve original content from fake documents and remove fake documents folder, shortcut, ...
With 12 years of product development, Mr. Vu Lam Bang - Director of CMC Cyber Security Product Research & Development Center wishes CMC Antivirus will become the most used free anti-virus software in Vietnam. .
Mr. Bang also added that CMC Cyber Security Company will continue to provide completely free-to-use products for Vietnamese users to contribute to the common goal of ensuring information security for users. In addition, CMC CS also hopes that the centralized anti-malware solution CMDD (CMC Malware Detection and Defense) will be further deployed to serve the needs of state management.
📛CMC Antivirus helps you to protect your computer comprehensively and is especially FREE for individual users!

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