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Tọa đàm trực tuyến cùng chuyên gia: Đầu năm con trâu nói chuyện con công nghệ
.19 Feb

Online seminar with experts: At the beginning of the year, the buffalo talked about technology

This is a meeting where leading technology experts from CMC Group update the technology trends that continue to flourish in 2021 and solve the easy problems encountered in the transition process of FSI enterprises. (Finance-Banking-Insurance), Logistic, E-commerce as well as SMEs (SMEs).

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020 has led to a rapid shift of most business models to remote work that has caused an explosion in mobile devices, automation of AI power. (artificial intelligence), automated robots and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform. This has facilitated the "cloud" to take place at a stronger speed to help businesses accelerate their transition. It can be said that the pandemic has created a boost for the cloud computing market to develop with a growth rate of 40% - According to Mr. Nguyen Khac Lich, Deputy Director of Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and The media).

With the desire to help Vietnamese businesses build a suitable digital transformation roadmap and timely grasp technology trends in the new phase, the New Year's Story online seminar with the theme "Buffalo year Talk about technology ”will update the technology trends that continue to flourish in 2021 and solve easy encountered difficulties in the business transformation process. All will be shared by leading technology experts from CMC Group to bring the most practical digital transformation stories in FSI (Finance-Banking-Insurance), Logistic, E-commerce as well as SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

The seminar at the beginning of this year will have the participation of senior technology experts from CMC corporation including:

In the Telecom sector, there is Mr. Le Anh Vu - Creative Director of CMC Telecom

In the Security segment, there is Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security

In the R&D segment, there are Mr. Dang Minh Tuan - Vietkey's father, Director of CMC Institute of Technology Application Research (CIST).

Discussing "hot" and online will give you an overview of technology trends that have been storming in 2020 and continue to grow, having a great impact on your business. in 2021. Here, the technology experts of CMC Group will answer the problem of building self-recovery capacity of Vietnamese enterprises in a new normal state; how to successfully apply new technology platforms to promote the development of businesses in the sectors of FSI, Logistic, E-commerce; What formula for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to promote intrinsic strength to rise up in 2021.

In addition, in this February, we also open a portal of direct consultation with leading experts of CMC Group to help leaders, IT administrators easily share the problems that your business is facing. must face to face. Thereby, one can find the most suitable solution and be ready to make a breakthrough in 2021. Registration portal to connect with CMC experts here.

Watch the seminar at youtube's channel CMC Telecom at 09:30 on February 24, 2021.


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