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CMC Malware Detection and Defense

For most organizations and businesses, the weakest area in the information security system is endpoint / Endpoint devices (Laptop, desktop, mobile, IoT, ...). These are potential security locations and are easily exploited through careless staff in the organization.

Data encryption prevention CMC CryptoSHIELD

Currently, hacker groups around the world are constantly using malicious data encryption code (Ransomware) to attack to sabotage, encrypt data and demand ransom from businesses and organizations. About 20%, after being detected by ransomware, were completely paralyzed. The emergency room has to stop operation, interrupted transport activities and many other incidents.

CMC Web Appliction Fire (WAF)

The CMC web application firewall (CMC WAF) is part of the information security suite provided by CMC CS to businesses, cloud-based integrated services that protect websites, APIs against attacks, threats have been known or not known with powerful ruleset tools that integrate artificial intelligence to improve performance.

CMC Anitivirus Free

- Ability to identify viruses well.
- Automatic virus analysis technology
- High compatibility.
- Fast scan and virus processing speed while using less resources.
- Improve the thorough handling of malicious processes running on the system.
- Eliminate the risk of malware infection from USB.
- Detect and retrieve original content from malicious documents, fake documents and remove malicious lines, fake folders, shortcuts, ...

CMC Internet Security

- Virus / malware scan:
- Protection while surfing and Online shopping.
- Protect when checking mail.
- Protect personal information.
- Using advanced update technology.
- Technology of preventing unauthorized intrusion –IPS.
- High compatibility.


Solution for workstations, self-detection and blocking, handling malicious code. Strong protection of email systems, data information. Allows fast file recovery.


Overall solution for server:
As a center for handling, controlling and coordinating the entire system of malware prevention; Manage copyright information and workstation resources; remote control and statistical security situation on workstations, ...


Integrated the most advanced technology.

Rootkit prevention technology
Technology to prevent unauthorized access IP
Technology that protects processes
Self-protested against the attack of malicious code

Simple operating.

A centralized management server of the entire workstation
A single dashboard for every task
Support management at all locations within the network

The solution is holistic.

Diverse models, applicable to all network systems (online / offline)
Customization to ensure optimal performance

Reduce costs.

CISE provides an efficient, centralized management tool across 62 provinces, saving time and making system reports easy.


Information is encrypted
Allows the encryption algorithm plugin (if customer has its own algorithm)

Why choose us


The solution gradually standardizes security policies for the system. Help improve job performance and investment efficiency.


Enhancing the ability to prevent intrusions and be proactive against malicious attacks


Expansion and centralized administration. A data loss prevention solution that allows for centralized and unified management of policies.

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