CMC Cyber Security awarded PCI DSS 3.2.1 level 1 international security certificate – the highest level to JACCS Vietnam International Finance Company Limited (JIVF).

Established in June 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City, JIVF provides personal loan products. In 2015, JIVF issued a pioneering Japanese (belonging to) credit card in Vietnam. 

With the orientation to bring perfect financial solutions to customers, JIVF is determined to provide safe financial services, bring peace of mind to customers, and at the same time contribute to enhancing the business efficiency of the banks. partner.

“To achieve these goals, we see safety and security first, compliance with the latest international standards as one of the fastest growing and bringing opportunities for growth. long-term value chain for both JIVF and our customers and partners”, shared Mr. Seiji Nomura – Senior Division Manager, JIVF Office Systems Division.

PCI DSS Certificate Award Ceremony for JIVF

Determining the importance of complying with international standards, the urgency of cooperating with a qualified Security Assessor (QSA) certificate holder, JIVF is looking for a partner that meets the criteria. Important criteria: a methodical assessment process, with a team of standard assessment experts. And CMC Cyber Security is the name that JIVF has chosen. Around the world, QSA is a standard that recognizes that these units have international competence in PCI DSS security assessment and certification. In Vietnam, CMC Cyber Security is one of the first units to own this QSA "passport".

Meeting JIVF's requirements for security, the PCI DSS experts of CMC Cyber Security worked with the JIVF team to plan according to international security standards. In the standard assessment team of CMC Cyber Security, 100% experts participating in this project must have QSA certificate, CompTIA Security+ certificate…

Determining the nature of the project, the experts of the two sides divided the evaluation process into several stages, in which, the Scope Definition step includes the identification of related components, the network. , applications and card-related transaction processes are considered the most important. Because clearly defining the scope of the system and processing of payment card information helps to ensure that no element is left out and compliance is guaranteed for the entire system involved.

 Representative of CMC Cyber Security (left) presents PCI DSS certificate to JIVF 

Methodically, professionally and according to the international standards of CMC Cyber Security, JIVF has met all the requirements of PCI DSS standards such as: building and maintaining a system of information technology and business processes. card services ensure all card data is classified and processed in ways that ensure confidentiality and integrity, build and maintain technical systems to prevent intrusion, monitor and evaluate systems frequent…

Speaking at the certificate awarding ceremony, Mr. Seiji Nomura said: “During the implementation process, the JIVF - CMC Cyber Security project team had difficulties when JIVF first implemented the security standard, but with the advice of Mr. CMC Cyber Security and the efforts of both parties, the project was completed as planned, JIVF has ensured to meet all the requirements of PCI DSS standards.

Ha The Phuong – Director of CMC Cyber Security emphasized: “With 15 years of experience in the field of information security and safety, the same position as a reputable unit in Vietnam authorized to assess and issue compliance certification. As a PCI DSS player, CMC Cyber Security went hand in hand with JIVF to bring the project to the finish line on schedule. We believe that the PCI DSS certificate will be an important stepping stone for JIVF to bring safe and secure financial products and services to customers, thereby realizing business goals in the future.” 

The PCI DSS certificate achieved will help JIVF make strides in implementing new business projects. At the same time, compliance with PCI DSS standards also helps to improve the overall level of security, giving JIVF a competitive advantage and providing customers with the safest experience when using the service.